Resources On Sine Waves

Online tutorials on:
  • Plotting a sine wave from a unit circle
  • Simple Pendulum
  • Harmonics and Audio Signals
  • Lissajous Figures

Colour Mixing And A Reading Tutor

  • Blue and yellow make green - don't they?
  • Add sounds to Word documents
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Record Sounds On Your Hard Disc

  • Record whole LP records on your computer
  • Record using a microphone on your computer
  • Record programs from the radio or television
  • Record using your notebook computer instead of a cassette recorder
  • Edit recordings on your computer
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Free Software

The following software may be downloaded from this website free of charge:
  • Sinewaves Program - displays and plays sine waves with harmonics
  • DotricDJ Program - records sounds on your hard disc
  • Fast Clock - a clock for scheduling model trains
  • DCC Sniffer - DCC diagnostic software for model trains
  • Trial Software - Does your mobile device work with Station Blue?
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ATL COM Add Ins - The Easy Way

How to use modified MFC classes to simplify ATL programming. Add new functionality to host applications like the Microsoft Office suite of programs, using C++.

Event Sinks

The sequel to The Easy Way article. ATL COM Add Ins - The Easy Way meets the thorny subject of Event Sinks.

Serial Ports in C#

Some inside information from the Station Blue project on how to improve the performance of serial ports.

Serial Ports in C# Part 2

Driven by the need for even more performance. The story continues with part two.

Turntable For Thomas

Something completely different. One person's attempt at making a model railway turntable.

USB Communications Using Microchip PIC

A PIC assembly language solution to providing USB communications on a PC connected device.

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Station Blue Model Railway Control System

A series of model railway controller modules that provide a completely expandable integrated system for controlling model railways.

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