Free Downloads


A few Windows applications are provided on this web site FREE of charge. Definitely no warranties are expressed or implied.


SineWaves is used for Mathematics and Physics lessons in Secondary Schools to demonstrate the harmonic make up of audio sounds. Students are able to view and hear constructed formulae.

To download the SineWave program onto your computer select the SineWaves menu option.


DotricDJ uses the PC sound card to capture audio sounds from microphones, record players, CD players and other sources. DotricDJ stores these sounds in high fidelity (stereo, 16 bit per channel, 44100 samples per second) wave files. Using a CD burner and its associated software, these wave files may be used to produce high fidelity CDs.

To download DotricDJ onto your computer select the DotricDJ menu option.

Fast Clock

Dotric Fast Clock is a Windows application that displays a clock and scheduling information in large letters and numbers. It is intended to be used for running model railways to a predetermined schedule at faster than normal time.

To download Dotric Fast Clock onto your computer select the Fast Clock menu option.

DCC Sniffer

Dotric DCC Sniffer is a diagnostic tool for reading the DCC codes actually being sent to locomotive on a DCC train control system.

To download Dotric DCC Sniffer onto your computer select the DCC Sniffer menu option.