Who Is Dotric Pty Ltd?

Dotric Pty Ltd is a Melbourne Australia based software development company. Its clients have covered the telecommunications, finance, defence and education industries.

Dotric specializes in developing software for the Microsoft Windows family of platforms using Visual C++ and C#. C# applications use the .NET framework to give them a familiar look and feel. Dotric has special expertise in TCP/IP, ATL and COM,with an emphasis on the automation of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Automation is used to maximize the client investment in existing software. For database applications, Dotric has used ODBC to connect to SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

Dotric also has extensive expertise in the Unix environment.

Dotric uses HTML, Java, JavaScript and C# for web based applications.

Dotric is available for contracts under both "per hour" and "fixed priced" arrangements.

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Dotric Pty Ltd has developed software for the following projects.


  • A nationally implemented system for testing of telephone lines between the terminal exchange and customer
  • A nationally implemented system that accesses customer databases to obtain work for workforce management systems


  • Scan C++, Perl and Unix Shell scripts for Year 2000 compliance


  • A military radar training system
  • A military radio surveillance system


  • A web site to provide course specific online resources for University students
  • A new software tool to aid University students in the field of nursing

Current Projects

Dotric Pty Ltd is currently engaged in the following projects.

Station Blue

Dotric is currently developing a totally integrated system of model railway controllers. More Information...